This collection of coins is centered mostly on two locations: the North-West frontier and Thailand, formerly known as Siam, and its former neighboring kingdoms.

Many have been excavated in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The finding of their origins would not have been possible without the following websites, which are extremely well documented: The Coins and History of Asia and especially, for its accuracies, coins quality and ease of browsing, the site of Dr. Pankaj Tandon: COININDIA. Also worth checking: Prabhu’s website.

And to get an idea of where all these kingdoms and empires were situated on the map between the first millennium BC and the beginning of the first AD, see the maps of Alexander the Great conquests, The Indo-Bactrians and Indo-Greeks, The Indo-Greeks in 100 BC, the Parthian Empire and of the Kuchan Empire.

Others were found in rivers or rice fields of present day Thailand, and I would like to thank the Bank of Thailand, and the Revenue Department (Chiang Mai branch) for their interesting book and exhibits. A brief history of Thai money is on the Net here.

Should you notice any inaccuracies in the description of some of the coins, or identify our “unknown” coins, you are very welcome to inform us.


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