We have selected the following links for your understanding of the origin of the masks presented here:
On Himalayan masks you should read this online asianart article by Thomas Murray and this one by Christian Lequindre and Marc Petit. Many books have been published on this subject.
Unfortunately nothing of substance seems to be available on the Internet about the Bidayuh (see Wikipedia) or other Borneo and Southern Indian masks.
Nothing either on the Lantien (Kim Mun Yao) masks, but these, by their appearance and usage, could be related to the various shamanistic cultures of the Himalayas.
However I would like to mention an interesting book about the culture of all Yao groups, of which the Lantien sub-group belongs, which has a page about their wooden masks: «The Yao» by Jess G. Pourret, published by RiverBooks, Bangkok.
Regarding the masks of the Nuo theater worn by the Zhuang (a description of this Chinese minority can be found here in Spanish or on Wikipedia). We have also found this link.

Some of these masks are provided with a free base. However prices shown here do not include its shipping cost. If you are interested in receiving this accessory, please contact us for a quotation.


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