Most items in this section have been excavated in today’s Pakistan or Afghanistan and are dated to around the first centuries AD, sometimes earlier. A few other items have been found in India or China.
The Gandhara kingdom, now Eastern Afghanistan and North-West Pakistan, was the first place where Buddha images were made, inspired by Greek sculpture. This culture is now called Indo-Greek or Greco-Buddhist.
For some notes about Gandhara civilization, its history and the conquests of Alexander visit this wikipage or this one about Greco-Buddhist art.

Bactria, Sogdiana and Margiana were also such kingdoms, but much older than Gandhara. They were conquered by Alexander the Great during his foray into Asia, became provinces of Macedonia and later were ruled by the descendants of his army. More about Bactria here and the Greco-Bactrians here.
Both histories of Gandhara and Bactria are intermingled.

Most statuary presented here has been mounted with selected woods, Plexiglas or mat black Formica. Dimensions do not include this display base.


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